Herbasistm Skin Nutrients    
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Regimen | Customization
Daily Basic Regiment for all skin types: 
Cleanse with Face Wash in the morning & before bedtime.  Moisten skin with distilled water or preferably Balancing Toner.  Follow by application of Antioxidant Moisturizer.

Add-on Weekly Routine for Extreme Weather Conditions and Aged Skin:
Apply Therapeutic Mask weekly to purify the skin for optimal moisturizing. 

Add-on Nighttime Routine for Mature Skin:
Use Treatment Serum at night on face and neck.

Add-on Daily Routine for Extra Dry Skin:
Use Treatment Serum at night and a mixture of Antioxidant Moisturizer and Treatment Serum during the day.

Special Routine for Oily Skin:
Always cleanse with Face Wash, then moisten skin with Balancing Toner before applying Antioxidant Moisturizer for a lighter effect.  Mix small amount of Treatment Serum with Antioxidant Moisturizer for night application.  Skin will become less oily over time.

Special Routine for Acne-prone Skin:
Use Therapeutic Mask up to 2 to 3 times a week.  Spot treat with Therapeutic Mask (Apply with cotton swap.  Do not rinse.) on breakouts. 

Eye & Wrinkle problems: 
Use Eye & Wrinkle Creme as needed to reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles.  Frequent applications on wrinkle area can help slow down further development.

Red & Irritated Skin:
Use the whole Herbasis system consistently for its healing and anti-inflammatory effects.  Reapply Antioxidant Moisturizer when exposed to wind and cold.  Avoid irritants commonly found in perfumes, cosmetics and other skincare products.  
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